Collie Talk

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue organization, which helped me to find my home at Clare's Well, is a resource for help in any need.  Sister Carol e-mailed them to ask for advice about blind Collies.  Several Collie owners responded through collietalk@yahoo.com and they were very encouraging.  Even if I never recover my sight, they say, I will be just fine.  She was advised about things I'd already told her, like keeping my food and water dishes in the same spot and not moving furniture around on the porch.  I get to know a certain path and stick to it.  My favorite path is the driveway where I feel where the gravel ends and the grass begins, making it easy to run out there. 

My spirits are better these days and I'm spending more time out of doors.  Dr. Sillerud says my left eye cleared a little and she still hopes I will be able to see from that eye.  Some of the medicine she has me taking increases my appetite and to keep from gaining still more weight, I eat shredded carrots instead of snacks between meals.  The carrots taste pretty good, but I feel like a rabbit!  Please don't publish that in collie talk.