Thanks for Missing Me!

I've had a busy and exciting summer.   Wind storms blew down many and large branches from trees all over Clare's Well.  This helps explain the many extra people who came here to help the Sisters.  I made lots of new friends with three groups of children from St. Ignatius' summer school who spent three mornings cleaning brush off the lawn and hauling it into the goat pasture.  The goats had a feast on the leaves and the bark.    While the children were here, Sister Maurita Bernet was also helping out and she led the groups in some fun singing activities. 
Then Doug McCarthy Beumer came and cleared out a bunch of brush.  I'm getting used to seeing him and his wife Marian -- they come often.  Doug also used his chain saw to cut up the larger pieces and some group will be able to split them and stack them in the shed later.Besides all the work with wood, lots of friends have come by to help with weeding, picking raspberries, pulling buckthorn (there's still a lot of that around!) and some even gave us a diving dock to put out in the middle of the pond where there are no weeds for those who like to swim .  (NOT ME!)  Some of our guests like that.  I see them take the paddle boat to get to it. It is one more refreshing addition to this already refreshing and renewing place.  Thanks to all who make it possible.