The Animals Welcomed God

Merry Christmas!  Christmas is a big event in all of the animal world because we were there to welcome God before anyone else (except for Mary and Joseph, of course.)  We Collies get into the spirit of this holiday easily: God came to be with all creatures!  It makes more sense to celebrate this event than any other event I know of.  I barked a Merry Christmas to my neighbor Irish Setters when they came up the driveway today.  They answered back with a lovely howl. 

I am enclosing a photo of the creche handmade by Sisters Aggie and Carol over 20 years go.  They made it out of breaddough* and Carol puts it up on the mantle every year.  I hope you take time to re-enjoy the treasures of your life these days.  May your memories be happy ones.  May your new year make many more moments to recall with gratitude next Christmas.

*From Clare's Well recipe book p.151


I Remember Snow

I remember snow!  This is the first real snow we've received since I stopped using my eyes last spring.  No fear.  The yard is still the same to me. I spent some time out there today exploring Earth with her new cover.  Literally, "Cool."  My personal photographer took this photo at sunset; can you see the color?  I hear the snow's reflection of the colors of the setting sun improves the image of my white fur against the snow.  I have to say, all of creation works in my favor. 

The Sisters are taking more time during these days of Advent to notice what God is doing in our lives.  From what I know about Advent as a time to remember the presence of God embodied in creation, taking time to notice sounds like a common sense thing to do.  I wish I could tell them all that I notice in snow.  Who is blind?