In All Kinds of Weather

I am who I am no matter what is around me.
You see me happy in snow. 

You see me happy without snow. 
It's what's inside us that makes us happy.   To be pleasant or to be a crab is a choice.  What I work to build up inside myself is a large eye for the world around and joy in the freedom to explore as much of it as possible.  Every day brings new feels and sounds and smells -- opportunites for enlarging my response. 

I spend most of my days outside, which reminds me to tell you what a gift it is to live in Minnesota!  If you are awake for it, every day in Minnesota can stimulate your senses with this state's generous gifts of new landscapes.  Some stimulation comes through the guests who visit Clare's Well.  More vibes come through the feel of the very ground under my feet.  They say you never step in the same river twice; I never lie down twice in the same yard.   

I recommend noticing and responding to all the littlest gifts of nature. It is a shame to waste her time by ignoring how she changes the yard every morning.  She does it just for us.