I don't know what to make of it.  Am I supposed to bark at "intruders" or not?  Jan gives me mixed messages when she comes down at 3:00 a.m. and tells me "thank you" for letting her know there's a deer in the yard and then tells me "be quiet now and go back to sleep."  The sisters say all the barking in the world won't stop the deer from coming on to "our" property because this is their property, too.  Where are they supposed to go? 

This rooster, unnamed because he might yet some day end up in a stew, makes a lot more noise than I do and he orders "his" hens around.  Am I to tolerate him, too?  What would you do about him out on the chapel rail, railing at the world?

There is a web site called We Can Stop The Hate.  It has a lot of good information about immigration for humans.  I'm considering how it applies to me.  Check it out.


Goat Population Tripled

The family of my goat brothers and sisters tripled this summer! 
Both Gemma and Nibbles had twin kids in May. 
Gemma has a boy and a girl, Heidi and Hank.  Nibbles has two boys,
Shadow and Stormy.  Heidi and Stormy are black and white. 
Hank and Shadow are totally black in color.  I hear people say how interesting that the Mom's have matching pairs of kids.

Sister Carol's grandniece, Rosie, and friend, Elizabeth, came to visit this week.  The kids put on a great show for them;  I could hear the girls laughing.

Even though I can't see, I feel like my old self again. This is good because Carol needs me to bark at these rowdy kids when they escape from the barn.  My bark gets them in before they eat the flowers.  It means the world to me to still be needed! 

Good eyesight isn't required to answer voice requests for help.  How do you respond when someone needs you and you can't see them? 

(Do you think Carol lets the goats out of the barn on purpose sometimes just so I have more to do??)