Everytime I turn around there is something new on this piece of Earth.  This week more guinea chicks came strutting out with their protective mother, aunts and uncles hovering all around.  My Franciscan care-takers go a bit ecstatic at evidence such as this that God still believes in creation and can't seem to get enough of pouring out life and beauty.

I notice Clare's Well guests kind of "wake up" when they see the tiny birds with the gaudy yellow legs stumbling over blades of grass behind their mother.  Sometimes this sight makes people laugh.  Sometimes they just stop and watch. The presence of newborn anything touches all of us.  Right?

The guinea mother tries to be caring and protective.  I identify with her as I watch her guarding her scurrying children all day and tucking them under her wings at night.  This is how I feel about those entrusted to my care.  Wish I had wings . . . .