Trees Without Leaves

Have you ever noticed how comfortable trees seem to be without their leaves?  They continue to extend their empty branches.  They are as hospitable as ever when someone wants to visit them. 

Of course!
All creatures
who they are
no matter what the season of their lives. 

I hear people say they enjoy being able to see the shapes of the branches better
when the trees are bare.


Are You Smarter Than a Squirrel?

While Jan was in retreat at the place the Sisters call Umbria, she noticed the bird feeder with the usual anti-squirrel tin guard protecting the bird seed.  I'm not at all surprised by the pictures she took of the squirrel enjoying the bird food anyway. 

The Sisters will all be at their Motherhouse in Little Falls
for a week to pray and share about how best to be Sisters
to each other and to all the rest of us.  I hope they will be as
creative and successful as we four-leggeds can be.