From a Dog's Eye

There has been a lot of action at Clare's Well lately. 
Halloween brought the neighboorhood trick-or-treaters.  My ears perked up at the sound of "treat!"  I didn't need eyesight to recognize my little friends from next door. We are too far out in the country for many children to come. I and the Sisters are happy when Tanner and Madi show us their costumes.

squash caused a lot of excitement in the kitchen last week. How could a common garden squash raise such exclamations?  Sister Carol explained and said it weighed almost as much as I do.  I've heard that every meal this week contained a squash entre of one kind or another even though some of this giant was given away and some of it was frozen. 

The construction workers came to reshingle the roof of the farmhouse.  Mother Nature did her best to make the November weather pleasant for the roofers. Nice weather or not, I choose to stay out of the yard and indoors.  You know how it is when one gets used to certain pathways only to find them blocked with strange vehicles and other obstacles.  I find with my blindness it takes more energy than I want to give to learn new routes through the yard.  I even hear the Sisters say sometimes that they get tired more easily than they used to with the many new things these days bring.  It is good there are four of them here now. It takes every one of us to keep this place going.  We help each other when a day's events feel overwhelming.  I hope you have someone to help you grow through your challenges.