One of the sisters just read me a reflection on faithfulness, published in Fools Fables.  The whole piece was interesting to me, but the part I can relate to most was this:
"In short, being a "faithful fool" is to give without asking anything in return.  The reward is greater than imagined.  It is to see "someone" who has a name and age in better condition than when we met them.  It is to seek and find oneself in the other; a relief to exist with reasons for the life that extends beyond our nose."  (by Danilo Ortiz, Ecuador)(see http://www.faithfulfools.org/)

Thank you, Danilo.  I hope I can do this for you sometime if you ever get to come to where I live.

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Anonymous said...

Lacy, you are so wise and truly one of God's glorious creatures.
May we all enjoy the simple teasures of spring by living in the present moment as you do.
Blessings to you and your human Sisters.