Down to Earth Viewpoint

I hear a lot of talk from my kennel on the porch.  The people I live with are Franciscan Sisters.  I hear they are committed to listening to God's voice.  These days, I hear them talking about listening even more seriously to God, digging in places where they might have missed a Word of direction, just like I do when I'm looking for a good bone.  A prayer I hear them praying is one from St. Francis:
              Most High, glorious God,
                     enlighten the darkness of my heart.
              Give me true faith, certain hope and perfect charity,
                     sense and knowledge
              so that I may carry out Your Holy and true command.

I wonder if I can learn more about those things Francis asks God for, especially "sense."  Does he mean the ability to follow your nose, like I already do?   What do people use to get to what's really important?  Besides my nose, I also use this trick:  I sit in front of the one I want something from and just look and look at them.  They could try that with God. 


Michelle said...

Thank you, Lacy, for sharing your wisdom and musings...we have much to learn from one another! Let us look and see together what is really important. Then may we have the courage to listen and respond to God's voice as our brother Saint Francis encouraged us, doing what is ours to do!

May your blogging be blessed!
your sister, Michelle

Lacy said...

Thanks, Michelle! I'm glad somebody found me. Lacy