I have written a poem to celebrate how I feel about all the expressions of God's life all around me.  It was inspired by Gemma, my goat sister, giving birth to twin kids, a boy and a girl on 5/14/2010.  (By the way, her mother, Nibbles, had twin boys two weeks ago -- but she's done this before so no big deal.)

Land of 40 acres,
pond, grasses, trees,
wild birds, pheasants and deer.

Little goat,
first-time mother,
bearing, caring for kids
without lessons!

Sunrise, moonset, always on time;
stars overhead directed by seasons;
wind song, crickets and frogs.

Clare's Well,
what's this responsiblitiy
humans claim to have for you?
With cats and Collie who know your boundaries
and speak your name,
you thrive on creatures
fueled with God's DNA.

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Anonymous said...


Your poem was beautiful and made me pause for a moment and just think...

Thank you for being so wise and sharing your imagery in that special way.

Although I will not be at Clare's Well for the big 'spring cleaning' day, I think of you, the Sisters, and your new animal family members often...