Creative Chickens

Everybody has to get creative about work places these days.  What do you do to your work place to make it pleasing to you?

Are you satisfied with the place assigned to you?  Or, do you create your own spot to do your job?  If you are one of the latter, you are very much like the chickens with whom I share this farm.

Look closely amid all the "stuff" on this work bench in our garage.  See the red head of the hen who has claimed this place to lay her daily egg?  It is far from cushy and convenient like the nests provided out in the barn.  She defies her employers' expectations by choosing the hard wood in this crowded spot behind the grinder motor.  If the garage door is closed, she paces the ground outside until someone opens the door for her. 

Others of my chicken farm-mates also scorn the supplied nests.  When the Sisters collect eggs at the end of each day, they have to look not only in the garage, but also in a worn-down place in the cement in the barn aisle, in the hay mow, behind gates, under the table, on top of the old refrigerator, in flower beds and even in my dog house!  Oh yes, a few eggs may be found in the old fashioned nests.   So, who do you think is in charge of this retreat farm?

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