I spent a lot of time on the farmhouse porch this week because of all the noise outside.  I get quite discombobulated when there is a lot of racket and I can't see to discern if it is safe to be around or not.  That would sum up this week on the farm for me.  Sister Carol made a lot of the noise:  mowing the lawn, weed whipping, and tilling in the garden.  But the worst racket, I think, was made by the men who re-shingled the dome hermitage.  This needed to be done because of the damage from hail last summer.  You know, most of that little building is roof!  It took them four days to do this work.  Their trucks were none to quiet either . . . .  I hope our guests enjoy the new look.  There are three of them in it for this weekend and one in each of the House of Clare and the House of Francis.  I enjoy having them around as much as they are enjoying being here.

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