How Do You Know I Don't Speak Spanish?

They say you should know how to speak Spanish if you are moving to Mexico.  My very good companion, Sister Janice Wiechman, is moving to Mexico and a part of me wants to go with her.  I'd bet anything I could be as well understood there as I am here.  I think human beings are separated by language  only when speaking with each other.  Other members of creation don't have such a barrier. 

Sister Janice's family spent a Sunday afternoon here to say goodbye to her.  Her parents and some of her siblings, nieces and nephews had a good time roasting hotdogs over the fire pit and visiting.  They all spoke "Wiechman" and I understood perfectly.  God bless you in your new home, Janice.  I will miss you and our playtime together.  You were so good to me!  I hope you find a good canine friend for the Sisters you will live with in Mexico.

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Theresa said...

Blessing to you on your journey Janice!!!