When Humans Face the Elements

I was left at home with our friend Gail the day the Sisters went to see the petroglyphs in Jeffers, MN.  When I saw these pictures, I was glad they didn't take me along!  There weren't any other people at the historic site, so they felt free to dress in whatever was available to protect themselves from the wind and rain.

The writings on the rock ridge are over 7000 years old, according to the Minnesota Historical Society which maintains the area.  I would love to have known some of those people who lived in the area of that ridge and the native prairie which still survives today.    The rocks tell not only about the human life but also show the history of the earth itself.  These ripples in the sand were created through the work of oceans and glaciers, heat, and wind, and sun.  I wonder what work is going on yet today as I lie on the ground and listen to the energy beneath the grass.

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