Welcome All Strangers?

There has been a lot of human talk about immigration and immigrants lately.  Would you be surprised to know that I have first hand experience of welcoming immigrants?  Probably not.  You already know my mission is welcoming, but do you know it includes being gracious to those of my own species no matter where they come from?  They have canine qualities same as I do and I don't understand this business of picking and choosing for reasons which only insult all of us.

It seems that creatures of every ilk pick and choose who they will be gracious to and who not.  For instance, there are humans who welcome me and not cats, and some who welcome cats and not me.  Now that really has nothing to do with us cats and dogs-- if it did, I think there'd be more consistency.  For myself, if it moves I probably like it.  This might surprise you:  I have a friend who is a Mexican dog.  He is a Chihuauah and when I asked him for his papers, he didn't know what I was talking about.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any proper papers.
But Akitcheeta (Keechi)  is a fun Chihuahua who visits me almost every week.  The above picture catches him in the middle of a fun chase.  We get along well.  Well, I admit, I quick clean out my dish of food when I see him coming but I let him come in!  I visit regularly with the Irish Setters from next door and with the Black Lab from down the road, too.  I think those who say diversity is the spice of life are right on.

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Theresa said...

Oh, we have sooo much to learn from our furry friends!! Thank you for the uplifting and lighthearted post! Always so fun to read!!