Winter News From the Well

The biggest news you all know already:  no snow.  This works for me because I can easily find my way around the yard and down the driveway by feeling the grass where it meets the gravel. 

This leads me to wonder, what do you use to guide you as you make your way through the day?  I stay close to the ground (obviously); that seems like a good starter for anyone. "Keep your feet on the ground."   How much time do you spend outside in contact with the ground?  What difference does contact with ground make for you?  I'd like to hear about it.

Other news is that Carol is still in Nicaragua and Paula and Jan miss her a lot.  None of us is quite the same without her.  She returns on the 21st.  She said this will be her last year to go on this trip; however, we've all heard that before -- what's your guess about whether or not she'll come home with plans to go again next year?

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Anonymous said...

so good to see a photo of Lacey & the Well. blessings to all of you who provide such a graceful retreat for us.